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Le Zamtrios Tigré est la sous-espèce du Zamtrios introduit dans Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Il est connu pour habité dans les régions désertiques.

Zamtrios Subspecies


It has an orange-brown body color with some red shades mixed in it while fins and belly are more blueish.


Just like its arctic counterpart, the sandy Tiger Stripe Zamtrios retains the same attacks, but seemingly able to use them better. For one, it can immediately inflate itself, and start a rolling attack right away, instead of doing so after taking enough damage. It can also shoot a stream of water that allows it to deflate itself, back into its normal size at will. It is also capable of spitting globs of paralyzing fluid at enemies, but, unlike the regular Zamtrios, it can't create an armor around it.


Tiger Stripe Zamtrios is found in the Old Desert.

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