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Important Attention
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  • All information and strategies given in this guide are only guidelines to help you get an idea of how a monster could be fought. The below mentioned strategies and suggestions are purely based on the personal experience(s) of the author(s) and are in no way the ONLY and RIGHT way to hunt.


Credits go to Artemis_Paradox for writing and providing all information, weapon/armor suggestions and strategies.


The Yama Tsukami is an Elder Dragon that resembles a flying octopus in some ways. He's extremely big, has 4 tentacles, 2 giant whiskers and a very special mouth which he uses to literally suck in monsters and hunters. In most cases this results in instant-death; however, with strong enough armor the move can be survived without the Guts Skill (although only if it's not enraged). In Rage mode it will take Guts to survive the attack.

Because of his size his moves are very slow but devastating. Even with the strongest armor in the game he can kill you in 2 hits if you don't have max health.

He is the urgent quest for Hunter Rank 9.


During battle the Yama Tsukami is relatively passive when you compare him to other monsters. You'll be fighting him at the top of the tower from a platform. His attack pattern mostly consists of tentacles swings. Sometimes he also does a double tentacle swing or he slams both tentacles and whiskers down.

He can also unleash a explosive gas which resembles that of a Gravios.

He has 2 unique moves as well, the tornado (he floats up, stretches all tentacles and spins a few rounds), and the wind tunnel. He uses these 2 far less frequently than his other moves though, most of the times he uses regular tentacle swings.

But by far his most unique ability is the ability to summon Great Thunderbug. These thunderbugs are the same as normal Great Thunderbugs but they have 1 more ability. They can explode.

The Yama's sign of rage is when his eyes turn from red to yellow.

Yama's stomach shrinks in relation to his health. When it shrinks completely, he falls halfway down the tower. After a brief pause, he rises back up, stomach fully re-inflated.



  • Potions/Mega Potions/Herbs
  • Steaks/Rations
  • Tranq Bombs (more on this below)
  • Lifepowder (optional)
  • Mega Juice/Power Juice (optional)


Any weapon that has either high raw or has the ice or dragon element. Some weapon recommendations for first-timers are:

For people who have already reached HR9 the weapon suggestions look more like this:


For the Yama Tsukami it is recommended to use an armor that has the evade +2 skill if you don't feel like being too careful in your approach or if you want to attack all-out without having to watch your steps too much. Best example is the Narga X armor, which has both evade +2 and evade distance up. His moves are slow so it's really easy to roll through. However if you keep moving all the time you don't need any of these skills, just being careful and do what you have to do to avoid damage is enough.

Another suggestion is an armor with the Guts (prevents 1 hit kill moves killing you if your HP is above 65) skill. Easiest armor to get with this skill is Hermitaur Z, but Lava X is also an option. Later on in the game you can use Fatalis Z or Indra Shin for this, or just gem the skill into your armor.

For lancers the Guard Inc skill (isn't a must but it helps) is recommended to block the wind tunnel. This can easily be done by just guarding with your shield in the direction of the mouth.

If you cannot get any of these armors then stick with a high-defense armor and be a little more careful.

Elemental InformationModifier

  • The majority of Yama Tsukami's attacks are non-elemental, however his Explosive Gas does have the Fire Element.
  • His elemental weaknesses are Dragon and Ice. They both work equally well so either will do. He is extremely resistant to Fire, Thunder and Water though.
  • Ailments do not work on Yama Tsukami.

Attack PointsModifier

Body Part Damage Dealt
Body Decent
Tentacles Decent
Whiskers Decent
Eyes (Gunners) Weak Spot!
Inside of Mouth Weak Spot!

Yama Tsukami's AttacksModifier

Attack Damage Description Counterattack
Single Tentacle Slam Very High/Fatal Yama Tsukami slams either of his 2 front tentacles down. Get out of the way, roll through it or block it.
Double Tentacle Slam Very High/Fatal Yama Tsukami slams both of his front tentacles down, one followed by another. Get out of the way, roll through it or block it.
Quadruple Tentacle Slam Very High/Fatal Yama Tsukami slams both of his tentacles and whiskers down. Get out of the way, roll through it or block it. Although it is also possible to stay within it's reach, remain motionless and stay unharmed. This can be done by standing right on the spot between where his whiskers will land. If not slightly too much to the left or right this attack will not hit you and you don't have to move at all. It's still recommended to block if you do try this just incase.
Whisker Slam Very High/Fatal Yama Tsukami slams his 2 whiskers down. This attack is sometimes followed by a Wind Tunnel. This happens frequently when in rage mode and only rarely when not. Get out of the way, roll through it or block it. This move can also be prevented from hitting you while not blocking or getting out of the way by standing exactly at the middle between where his whiskers will strike down. Slightly farther than halfway the platform is often enough for this. But don't try it unless you know what you're doing.
Helikopter Spin Very High/Fatal Yama Tsukami ascends, spreads all of his tentacles and spins for a few seconds while slowly descending. Sheathe your weapon, crouch and don't move. Get as close to him as possible for maximum safety. When on a medium distance you still risk getting hit. Can also be blocked but it will drain all your stamina and hit multiple times even with Guard +2 while lancing.
Fire Gas Medium/High Yama Tsukami releases a Fire Gas in a sortalike way as the Gravios. Retreat back to the wall, wait the attack out and then resume attacking or block the attack.
Great Thunderbug disperse None/Low, damage varies with how often you get hit. Yama Tsukami will open up his mouth and release mutated Great Thunderbugs while screaming. These Thunderbugs don't have the ability to paralyze you although they can explode, sending the player flying and dealing minor damage. Close in on the mouth during the dispersion and attack it to deal great damage and kill some Thunderbugs along the way.
Suction Wind Tunnel Very High (outside of rage mode)/Instant Death (rage mode) Only performed after the Whisker Slam, Yama Tsukami will open up his mouth and generate a massive Wind Tunnel that sucks its targets in, dealing massive damage while out of rage mode or instantly killing them while in rage mode. It requires Guard Inc to be blocked and can be survived in rage mode if the player has the Guts skill. Run away from the Wind Tunnel or block the attack with your shield towards the mouth if you have the Guard Inc skill.

Battle Strategy(ies)Modifier

General Strategy (basics)Modifier

  • All weapon specific strategies can be based off of the information written in this particular section.
  • His sign of rage is that his eyes turn from red to yellow.
  • His sign of weakness is his stomach inflating. When the fight starts you will notice his stomach is huge but as the fight progresses you will see it gradually inflate.

As soon as you enter the final area of the tower, you will see the Yama Tsukami slowly floating from outside the tower towards the arena, and then he'll slowly ascent. Unless you're gunning him it's no use trying to attack him yet. You'll have to wait for him to make the first move and then counter by quickly attacking either his whiskers or his tentacles while he is pulling them back.

The Yama Tsukami's moveset mostly consists of tentacle slams. He uses this most of the time and they can be easily blocked/evaded by running/rolling/diving and countered.

He has 3 types of tentacles slams: a single slam which is his one of his slower moves, a double slam which is considerably faster than the single slam and a quadruple slam which is his slowest but most devastating. It also covers the widest area but can easily be blocked and evaded by diving and sticking out of reach of his tentacles.

In case of the single slam, run to the sides or roll and then attack that tentacle before he completely pulls it back.

Would he do a double slam the same strategy for evasion applies. You can attack either his tentacle or his whisker after evading this move. However it should be noted that with correct positioning it does not require any movement at all to avoid damage from this move.

For the quadruple slam goes that you can either run out of reach of the tentacles, dive, block or if you have evade up skills you can roll through this attack by standing near the wall at the point where his whiskers will strike and roll at the right time. This last is quite risky however and highly unnecessary but if you feel heroic go do it.

His fire gas can be evaded in two different ways. Firstly, you can run back to the wall and wait the attack out. Secondly, you can block the attack. For the former goes that you can get 1 or 2 hits max on the tentacle before he pulls them back after performing the move. For GS/LS/SnS/DS/Lance/Gunlance the unsheate attack will be sufficient. Archers and gunners can just keep on attacking from a distance. And lancers can just tank their way through the attacks and counter with a poke or two.

Sometimes, but not very often in general, the Yama Tsukami will slam only his whiskers on the platform and remain motionless for a few seconds. One should take no reckless decisions at this moment as one of the following 2 scenarios could occur:

  • The Yama Tsukami remains motionless and will pull back after a few seconds.
    • The Yama Tsukami opens his mouth and generates a giant vortex.

This giant vortex is known as the Wind Tunnel and is his most powerful attack. Without the Guts skill this move is a guaranteed one-hit killer if the Yama Tsukami is enraged. However in multiplayer if one gets hit another player can prevent death of his companion by using a life powder or a potion with wide area before the victim hits the ground and dies. As for when the Yama Tsukami is in normal mode the Wind Tunnel can be survived without the Guts skill if one has a strong enough armor.

One of his other more dangerous moves is the Helikopter Spin as some people call it. The Yama Tsukami will slightly ascend at first, spreading all of his tentacles, then slowly descend while spinning and at last ascend again and spin slower before he finishes the move. This attack can be blocked and evaded. For the evasion goes that you (prefferably) roll to the edge of the platform, getting you as close to him as possible, crouch and remain motionless. Some people say that getting away as far as possible from him and crouch is the safest thing to do but that is nothing but a lie. In fact it is far more dangerous. His tentacles aren't flat but are rounded, resulting in some parts reaching lower than the others which could ultimately lead to you getting hit and die. As for blocking, this move will hit you several times, deal minor damage even with Guard +2 and is likely to drain all of your stamina.

His final but by far not his most threatening ability is his ability to summon Great Thunderbug. These aren't regular Great Thunderbugs though as in that they cannot paralyze you and have the ability to explode and send you flying. They don't pose a major threat but could easily get on your nerves. It's not necessary to kill them but it would make things slightly easier for you.

Additional InformationModifier

  • Throwing 2 tranq bombs will either make the Yama Tsukami flinch or fall down. If the latter happens he will fall down to the bottom of the area and remain there trying to get up. You can use this to get in a lot of attacks as it takes him quite a while to get up again. He can also fall down halfway to the bottom and pin his tentacles into the wall. He will form some kind of platform which can be jumped on and allows you to infinitely carve him and plant the Anti-Dragon Bombs from the supply box.
  • When the Yama Tsukami falls down after having taken a considerable amount of damage he will ascend back to the platform again shortly after. However, there are some anomalies that could occur here and it is important to know about them as they could mean the difference between life and death. It sometimes occurs that the Yama Tsukami ascends back but slightly lower or higher than his default floating height. The latter is convenient as it makes evading his Helikopter move (but also his other attacks) much easier and safer, though the former is dangerous. If he does the Helikopter Spin while he is on a lower height than usual, crouching will not be safe anymore. In this case only blocking would grant some safety. Trying to quickly get off the platform is also useless as you will be send back on it immediately. Keep a close eye on this.

Additional Information (Wind Tunnel)Modifier

  • After the Whisker Slam it usually happens that the Yama Tsukami will do his Wind Tunnel, his strongest attack. However, it doesn't always occur. There are 2 different timings to predict if he will do the attack or not. For Rage Mode, if he slams his Whiskers on the platform and remains motionless, count to 6. Wait 6 seconds and at the 7th second he will do the Wind Tunnel, or not. If he hasn't done it after 7 seconds (from the exact moment the Whiskers landed on the platform) it is safe to attack as he will not perform the attack. For when he is not in Rage Mode, the timing is just a little bit less than 1.5x slower. If he slams his Whiskers on the platform when not in Rage Mode, count to 8. At the 9th second he will or will not do the Wind Tunnel. During the countdown you can attack safely for the first 5 seconds (non-rage mode), after it you should get out of the way and see if he is actually going to do the attack. If he doesn't do it after 8–9 seconds, resume attacking until he retreats.

Weapon-Specific StrategiesModifier

  • Since all the information about how to fight has already been given in the general strategy section, the weapon-specific strategies will not go into full detail about how the battle is fought but instead will only describe possible and appropriate counter-attacks for each of the Yama Tsukami's actions.

Great Sword GuideModifier

  • The key of the Great Sword approach is to make good use of the given space or to apply a hit & run strategy. Mere walking and rolling is sufficient to take Yama Tsukami down effortlessly and safely but if you are more comfortable with increased mobility the hit & run strategy is a better option to apply.
  • Recommended skills for this weapon are: Sharpness +1, Attack Up, Unsheathe Critical and Focus.
    • Recommended armors hereby for the above mentioned skills are: Rathalos X, Golden Shin, Lava X, Auroros/Borealis Haku, Fatalis Z and, White Fatalis Z.

When he does his single tentacle slam, run out of the way and perform an unsheate/overhead strike followed by a spinning cut or roll through the attack and perform a single spinning cut.

When he does a double slam, roll through one of the tentacles (but not towards the whiskers) or run out of the way and then counter with an unsheate/overhead strike followed by a spin cut or evade the 1st tentacle, close the distance and quickly charge your GS on the tentacle he first slammed while he is still performing the 2nd slam and retracting his tentacles.

When he does his quadruple tentacle slam, evade in any way you deem appropriate and perform a few fully charged overhead strikes or combo him with regular attacks until he recovers from the attack.

When he uses his explosive gas, run back to the wall, then, just after the attack ended, run back at him and do an unsheathe attack on either his tentacles or his whiskers.

When he slams only his whiskers on the platform you can either perform a few normal attacks on his body (becareful for a possible Wind Tunnel here) or 1 fully charged attack, then roll away from him. If he doesn't perform the wind tunnel (if you've seen him do it a few times you know if he will do it or not by waiting for a certain amount of time) go back and resume attacking.

When he performs his Helikopter move sheathe your weapon, crouch and wait the attack out until he starts ascending again. Once high enough and slowing his speed down you can try and perform a fully charged attack on him but you'll need a bit of luck to hit him with that during this move and of course you can also try to get in a few hits with normal attacks.

At last when he is summoning the Great Thunderbug close in on his mouth and deliver a fully charged strike there to deal maximum damage or perform the overhead-spin combo to deal a good deal of damage and take down some Great Thunderbugs in the process.

If you manage to make him fall down to the bottom of the area simply jump down and spam some fully charged strikes.

Long Sword GuideModifier

  • The base concept of the Long Sword approach is either a "better safe than sorry" kind of strategy or, for the more skilled players or evade skill users, roll everything and attack all-out. The only real times when you actually have to sheathe your weapon are during the Wind Tunnel (when cornered) and during the Helikopter move. During the rest of the fight there is no real need to doing so.
  • Using Long Swords against Yama Tsukami is a very flexible and fun way to deal with the monster. There are a lot of advantages to it as Long Swords have good mobility when drawn, fast attacks, infinite combo possibilities and a good damage output although Great Swords deal more damage per hit. There's also a downside though and that is the inability to block, which could make the fight potentially more dangerous for newcomers and therefore a good balance between attacking-evading is necessary. The moves can be rolled with proper timing but for the insecure or the people who just want to make things as easy as possible the use of an armor with Evade skills is recommended. Armors such as Narga X, Butterfly/Obituary X, Kusha X and Fatalis Z all have evade skills and are good options to use for this.
    • Recommended Skills for Long Swords are: Sharpness +1, Attack Up, Elemental Attack Up, Evade+/Evade Distance Up and Guts.

When he does a single slam, evade and perform a unsheathe attack, follow with a 2nd overhead strike and finish with the backswing, then roll and withdraw your weapon. Alternatively you can also perform a full spirit combo on his tentacle during the time you're given.

When he does a double slam, evade and close in on the whiskers, perform a double overhead strike and finish with a backswing.

When he does his quadruple slam, evade as usual and then go all out. Use every combo you can think of and don't worry about the spirit guage. It'll be filled again soon enough.

When he does his explosive gas you run back to the wall, then you run back at him and you can get in 1 overhead strike. Maybe a stab as well but only if you're quick.

When he slams his whiskers on the platform to possibly follow it up with the wind tunnel, just evade it and attack his body from the sides. Do not get near the whiskers. During this time you can get in a double overhead slash followed by a double spirit swing and a backswing, which you should use to win some space to escape the wind tunnel if he really is going to use that.

The same strategy goes for when he does his tornado spin, just crouch and wait. Before he returns back to his normal stance you can try and hit him with a overhead strike but don't count on it that you'll hit him. Only if you're lucky and you're standing exactly where his tentacles will start hanging again.

The best moment to attack is when he is summoning great thunderbugs. Get to his mouth and give it all you got. Perform a full spirit combo, in the progress you might even kill a few of the great thunderbugs.

And when he falls down entirely, you can do whatever you want. String together your most powerful combos. You can easily get in 3-6 full combos combined with a spirit combo during this time. Don't wast time here and go all out.

Sword and Shield GuideModifier

  • The SnS is a very small weapon which grants you great mobility, can block attacks, its attacks are also fast and can be chained into combos. The Yama Tsukami however, is very slow. It is almost unfair how much of an advantage you have when using a SnS. There isn't really any difference between the kind of counter-attacks you do after evading, with the SnS' speed you can perform a full combo after nearly every of his moves.
  • For SnS the main concept of the strategy is to keep your weapon drawn at all time while keeping a save distance and adding in a combo as an counter-attack to every of the Yama Tsukami's actions. Not much can be said about which moves should be used as they're all fast, of nearly equal power and can be chained with one another. You're free to use any combo you deem appropriate for this guy.
  • Recommended Skills for using a Sword and Shield are: Elemental Attack Up, Attack Up Large, Sharpness +1 and Sharp Sword.
    • Recommended armors hereby for the above mentioned skills are: Kirin X, Ceanataur Z, Fatalis Z and White Fatalis Z.

When he does his single slam, evade and perform a complete combo starting with the leaping overhead strike, ending with the spin cut. The spin cut might not hit him if you're not fast enough.

When he does his double slam, evade and you can perform a 5 hit combo on the whiskers, starting with the leaping move and ending with the spin cut.

When he does his quadruple slam, evade it and you can perform a few full 7-hit combos. Start at one of his tentacles while looking in the direction of his other tentacle or go to either his whiskers or tentacles while facing in the direction of the Yama Tsukami and start doing combos. After a full combo, roll forward and repeat. Keep doing this till he pulls his tentacles back.

When he does his explosive gas run back to the wall and counter with a full combo on his whiskers or tentacles. You should be able to get in 2-4 hits while doing this.

When he slams his whiskers on the platform, dodge it (if you have to) or block it, then attack his body from the sides. You should be able to pull off a full combo. If you can't and he starts his wind tunnel while you're performing a combo roll to the sides and keep running.

When he does his helikopter spin, withdraw your weapon and crouch. Once the Yama Tsukami slowly starts ascending again you can unsheathe your weapon and do a combo in the hopes that you get in a hit or 2 when he resumes to his default position.

When he summons the Thunderbugs either kill all the Thunderbugs, attack the inside of the Yama Tsukami's mouth or do both at the same time.

If you manage to make him fall down the area you just do what you would do with any other weapon. Jump down and go all out.

Duals Swords GuideModifier

  • Dual Swords are the fastest weapons in the game and grant great mobility but their main weakness is their inability to block. This is what makes them dangerous to use against a Yama Tsukami, because if he hits you, he hits you hard. But do not fear, dual swords have the ability to unleash massive combos which is exactly the reason why they are so good for a slow monster like the Yama Tsukami. The strategy applied is almost the same as for the SnS, thanks to the dual swords' speed you can perform a full combo after evading nearly any of the Yama's attacks. The only difference is that you can't block and that your sharpness decreases way faster than when using a SnS. Evade +2 is seriously highly recommended when using dual swords!

When he does a single slam, evade it and either perform a 9 hit combo (can be either the dashing attack and then hitting triangle till the end of the combo or ending the combo with a spinning cut somewhere in earlier in the combo), or you can perform a demon dance on the tentacles/whiskers, then roll and await the next attack. (It's better not to do this last thing while he is in rage mode)

When he does a double slam you just evade it by running to either sides and/or diving, or, if you're more experienced and were in a fortunate position before he started this attack, you only have to run away from the tentacle he slams, running towards the other tentacle and roll if necessary, then repeating this but the opposite way while he slams the other tentacle, and then unleashing a combo on his whiskers. Note for when doing this, be sure to be as far away from him as possible or it will still hit you. (You can apply this with most weapons)

When he is doing a quadruple slam, simply evade it as described above and then keep performing the demon dance on him until he recovers.

When he does his explosive gas run back to the wall, then roll towards Yama and you might get in 1-3 hits on either his tentacles or whiskers.

When he slams his whiskers on the platform you have enough time to perform 1 demon dance before he might do a possible wind tunnel. This is if you're near him as soon as he slams his whiskers down, if you're not close to him while he's doing this it is better to keep it at a incomplete combo and then rolling away from him so you don't get caught by his wind tunnel that might follow.

During his tornado spin there is nothing you can do but to crouch, sure while he ascends and starts to spin slower you can go into rage mode and perform a demon dance in the hopes of hitting his tentacle once, but don't count it.

When he summons the thunderbugs it is simple what to do, get in front of his mouth and either perform a regular combo or perform a demon dance.

Would it happen that he falls down to the bottom of the area, jump down and spam demon dances until he recovers.

Hammer GuideModifier

  • Hammers are a fun and comfortable weapon to use while fighting the Yama Tsukami. They have the highest raw in the game, retain their sharpness very well, have good mobility while unsheathed, moderately fast attacks and are easy to use. The only downside to using Hammers here is that they can't block, which is sort of dangerous on a monster like the Yama Tsukami who deals a lot of damage with his attacks. Fortunately he's slow and the given mobility combined with a proper approach makes it possible to take the Yama Tsukami down without even sheathing your weapon and without getting hit too.
  • The base concept of the Hammer approach is to limit the usage of triple pounds as, in general, there aren't much opportunities to pull those off safely and surely. Most of the time those hits won't even reach, so for these periods of time the super pound is a more appropriate attack to damage the floating giant. Staying close is the best to do with Hammers and it is all-important to never stop moving if not attacking. If you keep moving, running sideways and rolling if necessary, you shouldn't get hit at all. You can also roll through the attacks and perform a single pound but that's for the more experienced players who really know how to time their rolls. For the less experienced who want to apply this method the use of an armor with Evade+ skills is recommended. For this you should think of the armors that got mentioned in the Long Sword section of the guide.
  • Recommended skills for Hammering are: Attack Up Large, Sharpness +1, Focus, Guts, Evade+/Evade Distance Inc, Runner and Art of Unsheathing.
    • Recommended armors hereby for the above mentioned skills are: Rathalos X, Lava X, Narga X, Golden Shin, Auroros/Borealis Haku, Kirin X, Fatalis Z and White Fatalis Z.

When he does a single slam, evade by running to the sides while charing your Hammer and roll if necessary, then close in on the tentacle and perform either a double overhead strike, a Lvl-1 charged swing (that's the swing you perform when you press R and release it before it could start charging) or a super pound.

When he does a double slam, evade by either running to either side while charging your hammer, so that when he finishes the attack you can super pound his tentacle or whiskers. You can also stay between the tentacles and try not to get hit and then unleash either a super pound or a double overhead strike although you must have knowledge of how to position yourself if you try the latter. Otherwise it is just reckless and an unnecessary risk you're taking.

When he does a quadruple slam, evade it by running away and rolling or dive to safety, then head back while charging your Hammer, perform a super pound and get in a few triple pounds.

When he does his explosive gas, run back to the wall while charging your hammer, wait out the attack, then run back towards Yama Tsukami and release a super pound on him. An alternative counter attack is to charge your weapon and release a super pound on the tentacles he curved. For this 2nd counter-attack only some re-positioning or a few steps are necessary. Time it well though as he pulls them back quickly.

When he slams his whiskers down, evade if necessary and charge up your hammer, then unleash a super pound on his sides. If you're quick you can pull off a triple combo, but it's risky, especially while he is in rage mode.

When he starts doing his helikopter spin, sheathe your weapon and crouch, wait out the attack, then when he is starting to ascend and you feel he won't hit you, charge up your hammer and try to get in a super pound. Although you can also perform a triple pound and hope you hit him.

When he summons thunderbugs, either charge up your hammer and unleash a super pound in the mouth, then roll and try and get in a triple pound after it, or go to the mouth and keep it at a triple pound. Since you hammer has very high raw power you should be able to kill most of the thunderbugs while he is summoning them.

If he falls down the area, jump down and and attack in any way you deem appropriate.

Lance GuideModifier

  • Lances have the ability to quickly and safely take down the Yama Tsukami. They have a good mid-level of Raw power, are pretty fast, have a great damage potential over time if used right and they have outstanding blocking abilities. The only downside to lances is that players have limited mobility while the weapon is unsheathed, but the advantages to Lancing by far outweigh that. Especially with the ability to move while blocking.
  • The base concept of the Lance approach is either Tanking with a Guard armor and countering after every attack, or evading all attacks and then counter every attack. The player should not bother at all with Lance charges unless the Yama Tsukami has fallen down completely to the bottom of the area or if the Yama did a Quadruple Tentacle Slam. It drains the sharpness unnecessarily fast and with the same amount of hits you could deal way more damage with triple pokes. It is recommended to either bring Guard or Evade skills. For maximum convenience that is. They are, by all means, not necessary, but they help.
  • Recommended armor skills for Lancing are: Guard +1/+2, Guard Inc (wind tunnel), Evade Distance Up, Evade +1/2, Attack Up Large, Sharpness +1, Elemental Attack Up and Guts.
    • Recommended armors hereby for the above mentioned skills are: Hermitaur X, Narga X, Gravios X, Hermitaur Z, Auroros/Borealis Haku and Indra Shin.

Since there are 2 ways of Lancing the Yama Tsukami, this section will be divided in 2 sections. 1 will be Guard-Focused, the other Evade-Focused. The Guard-Focused approach, by the way, is very monotonous and passive. It isn't called "Tanking" without a reason anyway. The Evade-Focused approach is way more dynamic. It's a bit riskier, but, at any rate, less monotonous and boring as Tanking.


  • This section is based off the assumption that you're using an armor with or without Guard Skills and no Evade Skills.

When he does a single Tentacle Slam, block it and perform a double stab on either the Whiskers or the Tentacles.

When he does a double Tentacle Slam, block both attacks (or just the first as sometimes the 2nd won't even hit you) and then counter with a double-triple stab on the whiskers.

When he does a Quadruple Tentacle Slam, either block the attack or quickly sheathe your weapon and run to safety, then head back and go all out for as long as he remains motionless. You can do a Lance Charge here but as said above, it drains unnecessarily much sharpness and doesn't even deal as much damage as triple pokes would. What you do is up to you but it's better to use triple pokes instead of the charge.

When he does his Explosive Gas you can simply guard against it and then get back to attacking. Although if you're not up close you can also do a backhop or two to get into safety and then charge at the Yama Tsukami to get back to attacking.

When he slams his whiskers down you have a few options. You keep your Guard Up and perform Guard-Pokes in the meanwhile (only do this if you have Guard Inc, if you don't, sheathe your weapon and run), or you sheathe your weapon after blocking the attack and attack his body from the sides while waiting for him to do his Wind Tunnel. If it turns out he won't do it, which usually is when not enraged and after a certain amount of time while remaining motionless, you can either charge him or perform triple pokes until he retreats.

When he starts doing his Helikopter Spin you got 2 options. The first is to quickly sheathe your weapon and crouch, the 2nd is to Guard against the attack. The latter however isn't really a smart thing to do, even with Guard +2 as it will hit you several times, completely draining your stamina and dealing damage in the proces as well. The will hit you at least 3 times and it's even possible that it drains all your stamina and will still hit you at full-power. Don't Guard against it unless you really got no other choice. As for when he slows down and starts ascending again, get near the ledge and perform a triple poke. You could still get in a hit that way.

When he summons Great Thunderbugs you can do 2 things. If you're far away you charge towards the mouth, likely killing some Great Thunderbugs in the proces, or if you're at close range you walk to the ledge and perform a few triple pounds on the mouth, which should also kill most, if not all Great Thunderbugs in the proces.

If he falls down the area, jump off the platform and either do a Lance Charge or spam Triple pokes anywhere on his body.


  • This sections is based off the assumption that you use an armor with Evade skills.
  • This approach has 2 different sub-approaches. The first is a hit and run tactic which is much like the long sword approach, the other is a pure evasion-type of approach in which you hop through most attacks. Which one you apply is up to you. The Hit and Run tactic is also for people who use neither Guard or Evade skills.
  • There are 3 different hops you can apply. It's basically the regular back hop but you make use of positioning. For example, hopping towards means that you turn your back at the Yama Tsukami and then evade through an attack. And hopping sideways means you turn your character 90 degrees and then hop through an attack. It's important to use these different ways of evading so you can conveniently position yourself for certain counterattacks.

When he does a single Tentacle Slam, wait for the tentacle to come close and then hop either away from the Yama, towards the Yama or sideways. In case of hopping away, counter with a triple forward poke. In case of hopping towards the Yama, counter with a triple Upward Poke and if you evade sideways you can do either of the 2. When he does a double Tentacle Slam, do a sideway hop in the direction of the tentacle the Yama Tsukami did the first slam with and then perform a triple Upward Poke or Forward Poke on that tentacle. However you can also attack the whisker.

When he does a quadruple Tentacle Slam you can do 2 things. Either head to the wall, to the place where the whiskers will land, wait out the attack and then hop through the attack by hopping in the direction of the wall (although this is kinda risky), or quickly sheathe your weapon and roll/run to safety. In either situation, spam Triple Pokes until he retracts his Tentacles and Whiskers and resumes back to his default position.

When he does his explosive gas and your weapon is unsheathed you can evade the move by simply doing 2 or 3 hops towards the wall. Wait out the attack and do a Lance Charge towards the Yama Tsukami. It is possible to follow up with 1 or 2 regular pokes at this point before he does his next attack.

When he slams his whiskers down you can either block it or hop through it. The move is fast though so if you want to play it save just block the attack. Sheathe your weapon once that is done and attack him from the sides. But not immediately, observe him first and find out if he's going to do his Wind Tunnel or not. If it turns out he won't do the Wind Tunnel you can safely land a few triple pokes on him.

When he starts doing his Helikopter Spin the same goes as with any other weapon. Sheathe your weapon and crouch. Wait out the attack and perform a few Triple Pokes right before the attack ends so you can get in a hit or 2.

When he summons Great Thunderbugs just Charge towards him if far away or, if you're already close, hop towards him or instantly start attacking the mouth.

If he falls down the area, just jump down and go all out as long as he remains there.

Bow GuideModifier

  • Bows are practical weapons that can use a variety of status elemental arrows depending on their compatibility with coatings, as well can they reach monsters from a further distance. However, bows can't block, and since you're classified a gunner when using a bow your defense will be about half of that of a blademaster. A heavy hitter like the Yama Tsukami can nearly instantly kill you, for that reason you either need to know how to evade his attacks and be very careful, or wear an armor with the evade +2 skill and roll your way through his attacks. Withdrawing your bow takes some time and that could just be enough for the Yama Tsukami to kill you. If you can save yourself the time of withdrawing your bow all the time you will be able to fight the Yama Tsukami more effectively. For that reason: get a armor with evade +2! The Guts skill is also highly recommended.
  • There isn't really a strategy to bowing a Yama Tsukami, the same rules apply when it comes down to evasion as when you would melee him. And bows only have 2 attacks, that being a double swing with your arrow and your daily shots. There is no diversity between the counter-attacks for each of his moves. For that reason this guide will be summarized.
  • All types of shots are equally effective on the Yama Tsukami, Pierce, Rapid and Scatter all work equally well on him. However, pierce is more suited when aiming for the Eyes (his weakspot for gunners), Rapid is more effective for when aiming for his tentacles, and Scatter works fine in general. But because of the rapid decrease in power of the scatter shot as it flies it is better to use those for the tentacles, body and whiskers, because those are with the smallest range. Same goes for the Rapid shots, you should always keep a medium-close distance if you want to deal maximum damage with these kind of shots.

When the Yama does either his single, double or quadruple slam, keep running to either side to evade it. Then quickly charge your bow and shoot him.

When the Yama does his explosive gas, run to the wall and charge your bow, then immediately release it. You can shoot multiple times.

When he slams his whiskers on the platform keep a fair distance and shoot him with the pierce shots, or stay a little closer to him and shoot him with rapid shots.

When he does the Helikopter Spin, withdraw your weapon if you didn't yet and crouch, wait out the attack, when he starts ascending and spinning slower, unsheathe your bow and shoot him.

When he summons Great Thunderbugs you can either keep shooting him from a distance with pierce shots or you can close in and use Rapid shots to quickly dispatch of the Thunderbugs. Due to their small size Rapid is ideal for taking them out, but since there will be multiple Great Thunderbugs scatter might also not be a bad idea to use.

And when he falls down entirely, just jump down and keep shooting him with your level 3 charged shots.

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