Wroggi is a small Bird Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The younger form of Great Wroggi and close relative of the Jaggi and Baggi.


They always live in large groups like previous 'ggis'. Wroggi have poison sacs that they use to weaken enemies. Their movements and body structure are similar to that of Jaggia. Wroggi inhabit the Flooded Forest and Volcano. Wroggi, along with their Alpha leader, Great Wroggi, have been seen to prey on Zuwaroposu in the Flooded Forest. Wroggi are poisonous, but are not as strong or as resistant to poison as their leader.

In-Game Description



  • Strangely enough, Wroggi seem to possess two, light blue poison sacs on either side of their heads, while the Great Wroggi possesses only a single, much larger, purple poison sac under its throat. It may be possible that the poison sacs grow as the Wroggi matures until the two poison sacs join together to become one poison sac like the Great Wroggi's.
  • Wroggi acts almost the same way as a Jaggia. The two have similar manners of roaring, with a different tempo and higher pitched version. They also seem to be a fusion of Jaggi and Jaggia, being quite small, yet possessing a hip slam attack.


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