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Attack Description How Often Evasive Maneuver Counter-Attack Damage
Claw Whack Shen Gaoren raises both its arms and attacks the fort like a scythe vertically. Only when close to the fort. Do not get between its legs or in its center when it slowly raises its claws. Attack the legs without having to be in the middle of it. Nearly fatal to players. Damages the fort.
Claw Hug Shen Gaoren raises both its arms and attacks the fort in a "hugging" manner. When near the fort. Stay out of the front as it will do damage. Attack from behind. High, fort damage.
Acid Volley Shen Gaoren holds the ground with its pincers, aims and fires acid from its Lao-Shan Lung Skull. When close to the fort, entering a new area, or near a ledge. Just get far away around entrances. You can see he's about to do it when green light is emitting from its mouth. After it fires, now is the time to place an Anti-Dragon Bomb on its skull by jumping from a ledge before it closes. Very high. Damages the fort.
Triple Acid Volley Similar to the normal Acid Volley, except that the Gaoren takes a longer time to charge and will fire three acid balls at once instead of one. Lucky for beginner Gaoren-Repellers, this can only be done on high rank. When entering a new area (High Rank) and sometimes, when near a ledge. Run to a farther distance or predict where the balls will be fired then run between them. If it performs it when entering an area, don't immediately place Large Barrel Bomb wait for it to finish firing, then place the bomb. If its doing it near a ledge, wait for it to finish firing, then jump on its back and place an Anti-Dragon Bomb. Very high, Damages the fort.
Leg Pound Gaoren moves its four legs to move forward, or turn sideways, or to stand up. Not an actual attack but can get hurt. It is a constant threat when he's walking. Learn his step pattern and always be on the leg that just finished stepping. To avoid the quake effect, get the skill, Quake Resistance. Focus on one leg and attack after the leg lands. Beware of the leg behind it if you're attacking the front legs. Low
Trample Gaoren will pause where ever he is and begin stepping in place, in an attempt to harm players underneath him. He generally executes this move twice. Moderate Staying directly beneath him, at the very center is best, when avoiding this move. The only place attackable now is the center, unless you're a Gunner, this is not a problem. Medium.
Claw Slam Gaoren thrusts out his right arm first towards the general area in front of him, then his left. Moderate, generally executed after Trample. Standing directly beneath his torso or off to the sides is best when avoiding this move. Get one of its legs from the sides and attack it. High.
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