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Ceci est une explication plausible sur l'écologie du monstre et ne doit pas être considéré comme une affirmation réelle.

In-Game InformationModifier

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A massive thorax and brilliant, gigantic wings mark the Vespoid Queen. It commands its subjects through unique flight patterns, and will stab any intruders with a poisonous stinger that also causes paralysis. It also spits acidic bodily fluid at prey.


Order:Insect Eye - Suborder:Needle Tail - Family:Vespoid. The Vespoid Queen is an adult female Vespoid that commands a Vespoid swarm. Being the queen these Vespoids are much larger than the other members of the hive which is common in insect societies.

Habitat RangeModifier

Thus far, the Vespoid Queen appears to be limited to the Jungle and Old Jungle. But seeing as Vespoid are seen in a multitude of different environments, it can be assumed that Queen Vespoid can be found there as well.

Ecological NicheModifier

Queen Vespoid rarely leave their nests as they send out workers to forage for food. They feed on smaller insects, birds, small mammals, lizards, and some vegetation. Whenever the queen does leave the nest she puts herself in serious danger as she can be preyed upon by creatures such as Gypceros, Yian Kut-Ku, Hypnocatrice, Congalala, Plesioth, and raptors such as Velocidrome and Iodrome. A queen's best defense is her legion of children, speed, and her acidic bodily fluid.

Biological AdaptationsModifier

The Vespoid Queen rarely does battle; when it does, it essentially performs the same attacks as Vespoids with more power; however, it does possess an additional attack: it sprays body fluid at hunters that halves defense. It also produces a beating sound in order to command swarm of Vespoid in battle. The queen spends a vast majority of her time staying within the nest and laying eggs.


The Queen Vespoid only appears when she fears her swarm is in danger of being wiped out. To make her appear, in the Telos Jungle hunters must slay ALL Vespoids in areas 5,2,3,7, and 8; this prompts the appearance of the Vespoid Queen in area 6. The monster does fight; however, she also commands a limitless swarm of Vespoids to attack alongside it. This often proves fatal following the Queen's defense-lowering spray. Compared to other high rank monsters, the Vespoid Queen is rather weak defensive-wise.

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