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  • Regurgitate Prey: It will puke on hunters, inflicting the Soiled status. To cause this, the player must feed it proper meats corresponding with the color of its drool. The drool will change color in the order below. Before a charge it may change its drool color. To signal this it will hop just before the charge. It can puke pretty much on itself causing an Area of Effect attack hitting all close ranged hunters. It can also launch its puke. When it does this it will leave puke and meat on the ground which can be carved. There are different colors of the puke just like his spit. If fed the wrong meat it will jump up twice. The second time it would slide, and do an attack.
White Spit: Raw Meat
Purple Spit: Poisoned Meat
Blue Spit: Drugged Meat
Yellow Spit: Paralyze Meat
  • Charge: Charges very similar to a Tigrex, meaning it can shift coarse twice making three consecutive charges. However, it eats the ground as it charges. It will eat meat on the ground as it charges. Before the initial charge it will pause for a moment allowing the hunter to place a piece of meat on the ground.
  • Rock Spit: It will dig its jaw into the ground and take in some rocks, then spit them into the air. Be careful not to be hit by this as it will cause the "Knocked Out" Status
  • Jump Roll: It will jump into the air and roll over a few times. It is easily dodged.
  • Wing Attack: With this attack it slides its arms along the ground, and attacks similar to the wing attack of the Espinas.
  • Boulder Throw: IT will thrust both hands into the ground shooting four boulders similar to Tigrex.

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