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  • Je vis a house.
  • Je suis né(e) le 18 avril
  • Je suis dreaming.
  • Je suis who I am.
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  • Hey " Wikia Star " !

    I don't know if you speak French but I found that you're belgian, so I suppose you may/ ( Can ? ) understand my pity French ;)

    It's an honor I guess to have One Famous Contributor on our pages, but for what purpose are you here ? Interested by Monster Hunter ? Or merely " Qualifying " ? ( Yeah, my English is as poor as my french >.< )

    I also notice that you canceled modifications from a Wikia's Contributor. So I wish that your " Vandalism Hunt " will be successful !

    May the Good speed be with you !

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    • Thanks !! =)

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    • Voilà c'est comme ça. ^^

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  • Bonjour et bienvenue sur Wiki L'encyclopédie Moga ! Merci d’avoir modifié la page Barroth.

    Tu peux me laisser un message si je peux t’aider pour quoi que ce soit !

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