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Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting is a spin-off of the Main MH game series for the iPhone[1]. Different gameplay features are for the game, with the use of the iPhone's touchpad. As seen in Famitsu's gameplay video, four monsters are in the beginning of the game (Yian Kut-Ku, and silhouettes of Congalala, Daimyo Hermitaur, and Khezu). After Beating the 4 monsters of a level, you go to the next level, and unlock more monsters and equipment. It has been released worldwide on June 1, 2011.[2]


  • Le joueur choisit l'un des monstres disponibles dans le menu.
  • Afin de débloquer de nouveaux monstres, il faut les affronter au moins une fois, et les vaincre.
  • Les armes et les armures sont customisables.
  • Il existe un mode multijoueur permettant de jouer en duo via Bluetooth.
  • On retrouve six types d'armes différents dans le jeu.
    • Les armes que l'on trouve actuellement sont l'épée & bouclier, la grande épée, les lames doubles, le marteau, la lance ainsi que le lancecanon.
    • La lance et le lancecanon ne sont en fait qu'un seul type d'arme, la première étant de type "Dash" et la seconde de type "Shell".
  • Les barres de vie du joueur et du monstres sont visibles. On peut aussi voir la valeur des dégâts infligés lors des attaques, tant celles du monstre vers le chasseur que celles du chasseur vers le monstre.
  • En-dessous de la barre de vie, on trouve une réserve d'attaques "Slash". Vous en possédez donc une quantité limitée. Si vous esquivez ou bloquez l'attaque d'un monstre, vous gagnerez une attaque "Slash", mais si vous prenez des dégâts, alors vous perdrez une attaque "Slash".
  • Slash attacks cut through any part of the monster. There are two types of Slash attacks. The first is a Horizontal Slash Attack, Which can be chained into regular attacks for a powerful combo. The second is a Vertical Slash Attack, which can be used to repel a monsters attack with a powerful blow.
  • If you counter a monsters attack with a Slash attack, it fills your Counter gauge. When the Counter gauge is maxed out, you can use your barrage/ultimate attack.
  • Controls are as follows:
    • Tapping the target monster with one finger performs an attack to it.
    • Blocks can be performed by holding down the screen with two fingers.
    • Evading is accomplished by sliding two fingers left or right.
    • Basic movement can be accomplished by sliding a single finger, left or right.
    • Slash attack are done by flicking one finger vertically or horizontally. (Depends on weapon)
  • When a monster attacks, there are 2 types of indicators of what type of attack it is. The first type of attack shows of yellow lines, which means the attack is blockable (if the weapon can block) and dodgeable. The second type of attacks shows red lines, which means it is unblockable, and must be dodged.
  • A player is graded from D (the lowest) to S (the highest) depending on their performance in the quest. Performance is ranked on: Mission Bonus, Time Bonus, Parts Bonus and Life Bonus.
    • Mission Bonus is determined by how well the hunter dodges/blocks monster attacks.
    • Time Bonus is determined by the remaining number of seconds on the clock.
    • Life Bonus depends on whether or not a retry was used and how much health was remaining (not counting potion use).
    • Parts Bonus depends on how many parts of the monster where broken.
  • Items and gold are received at the end of the quest, in which you can upgrade your weapons and armor with.
  • Time limit of 3 minutes is given on the upper right of the screen.
  • To unlock a new level, a player must beat the level before it.


Version 1.01.00Modifier

Release Date: July 7, 2011

  • Two new modes: Ex Mode and Real Hunt Mode.
  • (Once the player beats the Monoblos and skips the credits, the mode of 'Real Hunt' is unlocked. Next to the original hunts are now harder versions - the monsters are faster and stronger, their health bars are gone, and you have less in-quest items (1 potion and one of another item). When cleared, a tick will appear on the quest icon.
  • However the tick mark itself won't count towards your ranking in the iPhones "Game Center" but the grade you get (D, C, B, ect.) will.
  • Ex mode are for experienced players who want an added challenge once all the main missions are completed. After finishing the last mission, the game will ask the player to “take on the new ex challenge,” and allow the player to play that mode.

More information at Capcom-Unity

Version 1.02.00Modifier

Release Date: August 18, 2011

  • Weapon Type “Hammer” added to the game.
  • Level 4, and 4 new monsters added to the game: Pink Rathian, Tigrex, Gravios, Rathalos. This applies to 'Real Hunt' as well.
  • New customizable weapons and armor.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 1.03.00Modifier

Release Date: October 20, 2011

  • Weapon Types “Lance” and "Gunlance" added to the game.
  • Gunlances can enable the “Auto Guard” skill.
  • Level 5, and 4 new monsters added to the game: Diablos, Azure Rathalos, Kirin, Lunastra. This applies to 'Real Hunt' as well.
  • Two new functions: Replay and Twitter Function
  • Replay Function
  • If a player clears the quest without continuing, a player can record their entire playthrough.
  • Touching the screen while replaying can change the camera angle to the view the scene from above and check the distance between the player and the monsters.
  • Twitter Function (Twitter account ID is required)
  • Players can now tweet the result of their hunts and high-scores.
  • Players can also respond to questions from other hunters, or they can just simply communicate and tweet!
  • Players can tweet how they are doing, exchange info, and show their hunting accomplishments to their friends!
  • Some defaults have been adjusted.

More information at Capcom-Unity.



Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Trailer

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Trailer

Titre Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Trailer
par Capcom Unity

Monstres et niveauxModifier

There are five levels in the game, each level has 3 monsters and one boss monster. To unlock other monsters the player has to beat the monster before the next, ie. if the player beats the Yian Kut-Ku then the player unlocks the Congalala. To unlock a boss monster, the player must complete all of the 3 quest before the boss battle.

For example, in Level 3 the player has to beat the Yian Garuga, Red Khezu and Shogun Ceanataur in order to battle the Monoblos.

Niveau Monstres Monstre Boss
1 Yian Kut-Ku Congalala Hermitaur Daimyo Khezu
2 Basarios Yian Kut-Ku Bleu Blangonga Rathian
3 Yian Garuga Khezu grenat Ceanataur Shogun Monoblos
4 Rathian sakura Tigrex Gravios Rathalos
5 Diablos Rathalos Azur Kirin Lunastra


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