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Name Description Counterattack
Snaking Lavasioth snakes around like Plesioth. It turns around to hit the hunter in rage mode. Stay away from it then attack his head. If it turns around, you need a lot of stamina to dive away from it then attack it.
Hip Check Lavasioth does a hip check. Dive away from it
Fire Ball Lavasioth fires a Fireball that, upon impact, will scatter four hot rocks in a cross-direction Attack his legs, or stay on its right and attack the head after it fires.
Fire Ball(on lava) Lavasioth fires a Fireball in a Cephadrome-like style N/a (gunners dodge then shoot)
Triple Fire Ball(on lava) Lavasioth jumps and dives down to unleash three fire balls N/a
Tail whip (Blos Style) Lavasioth swings his tail in a blos-like style Attack his head on the front-left so that the tail doesn't hit you
Body Slam Lavasioth Jumps up and down to damage anyone on the spot. causes terrain shake when not near his spot Stay away from it then hit it.
Bite Lavasioth brings his head to the right and bites down and to the left Hit his legs or avoid it.
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