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Mode rage
Manœuvre d'évasion


Attack Description Evasive Maneuver Damage
Charge The Kirin will Charge forward. Move out of the way or run. Medium
Taunt Taunts at the hunter. During the taunt, Kirin will stand still, allowing the hunter to hit the horn easily. None, good time to attack. None
Prance Jumps side to side. Move out of range or run. Medium
Lightning Front Shoots Lightning in front of itself. Five bolts, randomly placed. Stay near the back. High
360-Lightning Calls lightning around itself. Eight bolts hit the floor, and always in the same place around it. Move out of range or run. High
Thunder-Shock Calls thunder upon itself. Five bolts strike. Stay away from it or wait. High
Horn Thrust Stabs with its horn. Dodge or stay out of range. Small
Lightning Thrust Thrusts, then calls lightning. Stay near the back. Medium

MHFU Additions[]

Attack Description Evasive Maneuver Damage
Locking Thunder Does a growl then does random thunder attacks. The range can be determined by the wind up motion. If it rears on its hind legs, it will be in a circle around it. If it growls and rears up a little, it will strike between right in front of it and a medium distance away. If it growls then rears up all the way on its hind legs, it will strike very far away, in front of it. Note the motions, and stay out of range. High
Guided Thunder Kirin summons a white shadow that follows the hunter until lightning strikes. It growls, shakes its head and subsequently rears up before performing this. It often does its taunt (brushes the ground twice then goes immobile) following this. Dodge roll away if it's getting closer. High, causes Paralysis.
Lightning Charge (not used in low rank) Kirin runs at the hunter, but lightning strikes behind it when charging. It does a short charge then thrusts its horn to bring down the lightning. Run away or dodge out of its path/range. High
Rage Kirin gets a white glow around its head. It moves faster and deals more damage than normal. Duration of 2–3 minutes or loses it when changing areas. Run to another area. High