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A howl that's sounds like a wolf. It damages and knocks back hunters that are too close. It is quite strong enough to rip off weak armors

Wind shot Modifier

Kamu fires a shot of wind similar to a Kushala Daora's wind attack. It has an extremely high attack power and can be a 1-hit k-o if not careful.

Howl ( rage ) Modifier

A howl that Kamu does when entering rage mode. His mane will turn red

Spike Shower Modifier

Kamu jumps into the air and rains spikes onto the ground. He does this attack more often during rage mode. Also has a high attack power.

Charge Modifier

A simple charge forward.

Frenzy jump Modifier

Kamu jumps around and attacks. This has high damage and is difficult to predict.

Paw SwipesModifier

Kamu lunges forward and strikes hunters with his paws.

Static jumpModifier

Kamu Jumps while turning his body in mid-air to attack. Usually done twice in a row.


Kamu lunges forward and bites.

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