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This article lists all possible carves from a Jaggia in every Monster Hunter game it has appeared in.

Monster Hunter 3Modifier

Item ListModifier

Unique materials obtainable from a Jaggia in Monster Hunter 3

Japanese Name Rarity Value Item Description
ItemIcon028f ジャギィの皮 Jaggi Hide 4 25z Commonly used in this region. It can be made into any number of things.
ItemIcon011f ジャギィの鱗 Jaggi Scale 4 38z A scale carved from a Jaggi. Not very valuable, but beginners can't be choosers.

Carve RatesModifier

Lower RankModifier

Body Carves (x2)
Item Name
Jaggi Hide 43%
Jaggi Scale 30%
Bird Wyvern Fang 18%
Monster Bone S 9%

Upper RankModifier

Body Carves+ (x2)
Item Name
Jaggi Scale 35%
Bird Wyvern Bone 25%
Jaggi Hide 22%
Bird Wyvern Fang 18%

Monster Hunter 3 UltimateModifier


  • Jaggi Hide and Jaggi Scale can also be obtained from a Jaggi and a Grand Jaggi.
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