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Attack Description How Often? Evasive Maneuver Counter-Attack Damage
Poison Spit The Purple Gypceros will spit a ball of poison that covers a small distance. Fréquement Run/Roll behind, to the sides Attaque toutes les parties du corps Petite, empoisonnée.
Multi Poison Spit The Purple Gypceros will spit multiple poison balls, in the same way as the Yian Kut-Ku does its quadruple fireball. Seldomly Run/Roll underneath, behind it or to the sides. Attack any point, tail is recommended. Same as Poison Spit.
Flash/Poison Fog The Purple Gypceros will stand still, breathe heavy, then rise its head and unleash a blinding flash that has the same effect as a flash bomb. When crest is broken, it will do nothing. But in MHFU, it will spray a level 2 Venom Fog at the hunter. Frequently Dive, Block(Do not block if it's poison.) Attack any point. None, KO status and Poison.
Quadru-Peck The Purple Gypceros will do 4 pecks at the ground, stealing an item if it hits the hunter. Sometimes. Run to the sides or roll. Attack the wings, legs or tail. Small.
Leap Quardu-Peck Same as above, except that the Purple Gypceros will leap at the hunter first. Occasionally Same as above. Same as above. Same as above.
Tail Whip The Purple Gypceros will make a 180 degrees turn swinging its tail. The tail is extendable and will gain range during this move, so be sure to keep a distance! This swing is always counter-clockwise! Frequently. Roll/run out of the tail's range. Attack any body part. Small-medium.
Chicken Run The Purple Gypceros will run through the area swinging its head from left to right in an arc, spitting poison and hitting everything in its path. Sometimes/Frequently (rage mode) Just run roll to the sides if it comes after the hunter. None, as it moves too fast to effectively counter-attack. Medium.
Death Scene The Purple Gypceros will play death, and go crazy once the hunter gets close enough. It is invulnerable to most forms of damage while falling/motionless. Only when hit while near death. Stay away from him. Throw stone or paintball. Bombs can also be laid while it is feigning death. Very High!
Fake Fly The Purple Gypceros will act like it's flying away to another area but just fly low and land somewhere nearby in the area. Occasionally. None. Chase it and hit the tail while it lands. Very small, (only if standing under it and it makes the hunter tremble)
Area Fly The Purple Gypceros will fly around the area a few times, then soar towards the hunter. It also does this, but without the damage. Very Rare/Rarely Guard, and don't run to the side! If Wind Press is active, this move is much less dangerous. Run behind the Purple Gypceros and hit it after it lands.(for both) Nearly Fatal/none, but wind effect
Run to Tail Whip The Purple Gycepros will run in a straight line and when it passes the hunter, it will swing its rubber tail 4 times in large arcs towards its rear. The tail whip may also happen after any of its moves that involve charging/leaping, but not as often. Occasionally (Only in Hard/G Level Quests) Run/dodge in the opposite direction it was running before the tail whips and keep distance. Only when the 3rd tail whip ends, hit its rear. The 3rd tail whip has the least range, so you can run towards it. Medium