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Name Description Countering Damage
Hip Check Gravios pivots on one leg, then body-slams to the side. It can be blocked easily. After the initial hit, there will be a short window to hit it. Medium-High
Fire Beam It stamps both feet first. Gravios' head moves up, then goes back down and unleashes a beam of fire. It can also emit Fire Gas at the end of the beam. It can be blocked with the Guard Up skill only. Even so, this is not advisable. It can be hit before, after, and during the beam on the body. High-Very High
Fire Gas Gravios will look up, then slowly bring its head down, emitting an orange cloud. Has a 60% chance of occurring after a Magma Beam. It can be blocked with the Guard Up skill. Its wings or tail can be hit while it does this, if done carefully. Medium-Low
Sleep/Poison Gas Gravios will look up, then slowly bring his head down, emitting a white cloud or purple cloud (rare). It can be blocked with the Guard Up skill. Its wings and tail can also be hit if done carefully. Running in between its legs can occasionally protect the hunter from its tail whip while asleep. None, but puts the hunter to sleep, or inflicts poison (rare).
Tail Whip Gravios will turn around quickly, hitting anything in the way with its tail. It can be blocked easily. If standing between its legs, it will usually not hit at all. Medium

Tail Sweep

(Blos style)

Raises its tail in the air, looks behind it, and sweeps the tail to the right, left, or right then left while standing still. Run to its front, or try to block the first hit, as the rest will not affect the hunter, allowing free hits. Medium
Charge Gravios lowers its head and charges. It can be blocked, but knocks the hunter back. A flash bomb can be thrown in front of it if done quickly. Medium-High

Gravios roars at the hunter.

Note: It roars for a longer time when it spots the hunter, but will give a short roar when entering rage mode. This is dangerous as the heat beam can catch the hunter easily while stunned.

Blockable, or negated with High Grade Earplugs. It will be open to attacks while it roars. An alternate strategy is to run directly in front of its left foot as it roars, getting stunned then kicked forward with minimal damage. Without Earplugs or HG Earplugs, try to get hit by its kick as it will cancel the roar effect. None-Very Low (Kick)
Sweeping Fire Beam Gravios does the motion for the Fire Beam, but instead moves its head from its left side to right side. Its harder to get out of the way than the normal fire beam. Can be blocked with Guard Up. High-Very High
Bite The standard wyvern bite. It the hunter is behind it, the tail might hit instead. Can be blocked, but rather easy to avoid. The tail is more difficult to avoid. Medium
Fly Gravios flies and stays airborne for a while, then it will get on the land again and produce wind (which can be blocked or negated with the Wind Press skill). It is possible to shoot it down with a bow/bowgun when enough damage is done. If it does, it will fall down, allowing for some free hits. None
Body Slam Gravios flies straight up into the air and slams its whole body down on the ground. Causes Quake at High Rank and Above. Attack it when it lands. Medium- High