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AttackDamageFrequencyHow to Dodge
Claw swingHigh in normal mode.Very often.Don't stand in front of it, or to its left. Can stand to its right, but not too close.
Meteor ShowerVery high.Most common attack.Note the pattern of the shower and don't stand on them.
Dive bombDeath.Often (whenever it flies very high). Move to the sides.
Body slamHighRarely Always position to its right side, not too close.
Tail whipLow/Medium.Whenever it turns.Don't stand behind it in the tail range.
Ground Lava BurstsVery high.Most common attack.

Similar to Meteor Shower, note the burst pattern and position accordingly.

Fire ball Very high or Death. Common. Don't stand in front of it.
Leap fire ball Very high or Death. Uncommon. Same as Fireball, except it will go into the air and either Triple Fire ball, Single Fire ball, Dive Bomb or Meteor+Dive bomb (G-rank only (there will be no leap fireball when doing this, but its movements and sounds are the same)).
Hover fire ball Very High or Death. Uncommon. Same as Fire ball except slightly off the ground.
Meteor+Dive bomb(G-rank only) Very High if hit by Meteor, Death if hit by Dive bomb Rarely, when it flies up Same as Dive bomb, but be aware of the meteors.
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