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Attack Description How Often? Evade Strategy Damage
Charge Charge in the same way Diablos does, but beware that he can still turns in the same way Tigrex does. Often. Just stay out of his line, if you even touch one part of his body you will still get hit. Normal+poison
Fire Ball He Shoots a single fire ball,doesn't have a Long reach,but inflects Defense decrement. Below Often. Just don't face him, it is easy enough to dodge. Normal+defense decrement+Poison.
Tail Whip Swings his tail 180 degrees. Rare. Roll under him, or stay away. Normal.
Charged FireBall Will Raises hes head and charges a huge fireball,Purple fumes will comes out of his mouth,getting hit results in Instant Death. Often. Just go away as far as you can, you will have enough time. Fatal.
Horn+Tail swing. Will swing his horn and the his tail.Sending you flying. Rarily.Evade the place he is facing,chance is you will get hit are rare if you do.Above normal+poison
Roar He Raises his body and Roar,Only when Entering Rage mode. Seldom. Guard or use earplug. Can't be evaded even with Evade+2. No damage.
Charged Horn Upswing Charges a horn swing,his stance will be the same as if he is normally Horn swinging,but take much longer. Rare. Same as the Charged fireball. You will have enough time to evade, but can't be guarded without GuardUp,(Guard+2 in Frontier.) Fatal.
Triple fire ball. Shoots three Fire balls,one in the middle and one in right and one in left then BackHop,(Note that He does this attack seldom without BackHop). Often. Evade at one direction. Best is if you evade to his left (your Right). Normal+Defense decrement+Poison.
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