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Ceci est une explication plausible sur l'écologie du monstre et ne doit pas être considéré comme une affirmation réelle.

Description en jeu

Herbivore docile vivant dans l'eau qui vit de mousse et d'herbes humides. Il émerge souvent pour profiter du coleil. Très timide, il panique devant le danger, nageant bizarrement.


Les Epioth sont une espèce marine, à cause de cela, ils sont confinés dans les lacs et les océans, et ils mangent les plantes aquatique et de la mousse.

Ecological niche

The Epioth is described as a marine version of the land dwelling Aptonoth, as both are very low in the food chain. Despite having legs, it has not been known to ever leave the water, not even to reproduce (they are viviparous). However, it is not known whether they are evolved forms of an water creature, or devolved forms of a creature that lived on land & returned back to the water. They feed mainly on weeds, water grasses, and algae. They can be fooled easily by Gobul's plant disguise, as that they spend most of their time grazing, leading it to be swallowed in a flash. For this reason, Gobul is the main predator of the Epioth in the Flooded Forest. Gobul isn't the only main predator to Epioth however; Lagiacrus and Ludroth (including the fully grown males) all live in both the ocean and jungle lakes just as Epioth does. It is has even been reported that Normal and Azure Rathalos will occasionally swoop out of the sky in an attempt to pluck Epioth out of the water when they're hungry. Their ability to swim quickly and haphazardly, as well as their numbers, are the Epioth's best defense against it's species natural predators.


Unlike the Aptonoth, Epioth live in small groups rather than large herds. The reason for this is that the water, whether in the sea or jungle river, has abundant hiding places. Epioth are very timid creatures, swimming in a haphazard state (as shown) when danger such as a Lagiacrus is in the area. They are relatively docile when a hunter is around, but they will defend themselves when a hunter attacks.

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