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Les Wyverns brutes sont dépourvus d'ailes, bipèdes, avec des corps et pattes larges et musculeux, mais de petits bras virtuellement inutiles (à l'exception du Brachydios). Ce sont des créatures incroyablement aggressives, et chargeront aveuglément, démolissant tout sur leur passage. Les Wyverns brutes sont tout à fait féroces, territoriaux, et ne doivent être sous-estimés en aucun cas. Leurs tailles peuvent sont comprises entre " Monstre moyen " et " Monstre colossal ". Ils ressemblent beaucoup aux grands Théropodes.

Brute Wyverns (Japanese 獣竜種) are a class of monsters first introduced in the third generation. These monsters are typically large, bipedal theropod-like creatures, that are prone to living in areas abundant in food sources. Brute Wyverns exhibit a wide variety of dietary habits; some are strictly herbivorous or carnivorous, while others subsist on insects or even minerals. These monsters often use their heavy, muscular bodies to charge blindly through an environment to damage attackers or prey, and include many defensive adaptations, including tail clubs, horns, and even hammer-like chins and fists. Like most classes, Brute Wyverns can be found in almost any type of environment.

Third Generation Brute Wyverns

Fourth Generation Brute Wyverns

None / Unconfirmed.

Frontier Generation Brute Wyverns

Monster Hunter Online Brute Wyverns

None / Unconfirmed.


  • Brute Wyverns were introduced in the Third Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no Brute Wyvern existed in the Generations prior to Third and in Monster Hunter Orage.
  • There are currently no new Brute Wyverns in the Fourth Generation and Monster Hunter Online series.
  • Despite its namesake, Brute Tigrex is not a Brute Wyvern.


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