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Doragyurosu uses the Dragon Element to augment it's attacks, and cause them to have devastating effect. It also uses it's long wing appendages to attack.

Rarity Chances:              Damage:

Very Common                 Fatal

Quite Common               Very High

Common                        High

Not that Common           Moderate

Uncommon                    Small

Rare                              Very Small

Rage only                       None

Attack Name




Charge Common


Doragyurosu charges forward
Hurl Not that Common Moderate - High Doragyurosu plants one of it's wing appendages on the ground, then rips out a huge piece of rubble that can damage hunters
Wing Slice Not that Common Moderate Doragyurosu jumps up and slashes it's target with one of it's wings
Wing Slam Uncommon High Doragyurosu smashes one of it's wings to the ground to release a Dragon element shockwave that damages hunters in it's path
Aerial Charge

Calm - Rare

Enraged -Quite Common

High Doragyurosu flies forward, similar to Rathalos' aerial charge, while dragging it's wing appendages through the ground, and releasing Dragon element waves behind it.

Calm -       Rare

Enraged - Common

Very High - Fatal (When enraged) Doragyurosu flies high then slams down on the ground to release a huge explosion of Dragon element waves around it. This attack should be avoided at all costs or blocked with a weapon that can guard effectively, preferably a Lance.
Force Field Rare High Doragyurosu plants it's claws on the ground then releases Dragon element pulses around it to damage nearby hunters, similar to Khezu's Lightning Shroud attack.
Roar First Sight / Transition to Rage mode None  The classic Wyvern roar. Requires the earplug skill or a weapon that can guard to block.
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