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Attack Damage How Often Advice
Tongue Whip Low-Medium Often Stay behind or keep a good distance away, because this attack steals items (It will still steal items even when blocked).
Claw Swipe Low-Medium If close to its right side, often. (The Chameleos swipes you with its right claw.) Stay away from its right side. Can be blocked.
Charge Medium If close, rarely, if far, common Panic Dive or block. It can also be dodged if far enough away.
Acid Ball Medium. Uncommon (The Chameleos spits a large ball of acid in front of it) Lowers defense, cure by eating an Armour Seed. It will lean backwards first.
Tail Smash If near tail, low, if far, none Often (The Chameleos beats it's tail multiple times, and will flip out it's tongue immediately afterwards.) Stay away from Chameleos's front. Dragon Wind Breaker skill needed to negate wind, will try to steal item after last pound.
Poison Cloud Low, but takes a lot of damage over time. Uncommon (Chameleos flies up in mid-air and flaps its wings, spewing poison down below.) Bring Antidotes. Also, it will crouch down as if about to jump right before it does this.
Invisibility None Very Often The Chameleos cannot be seen on the Minimap while it is invisible. If a flashbomb is thrown, the stars on its head wil be visible. Smoke bombs thrown will highlight its outline for easier spotting.
Backwards Jump Low Uncommon Chameleos will most likely do a Charge after jumping back.
Gas Spew None Uncommon The attack knocks the hunter back and inflicts fatigue which reduces stamina. The only way to cure it is to go to sleep or to drink an Energy Drink. It leans back prior to the attack, much like the Acid Ball attack.
Stealth Shift None Often (Chameleos crouches low to the ground, then leaps to another part of the area while invisible.) Try to locate it as soon as possible, and be ready to dodge a charge from an unexpected place.