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Name Description Counterattack
Rock Throw Hurls a Rock that rolls on the front of him. Move to the side.
Larger Rock Throw Copper Blangonga jumps back, and hurls a bigger rock that bounces to the right first, then to the left. Does this more often on Rage mode. Be on the left to avoid the rock.
Multiple Rock Throw Hurls Rocks that ranges from the side to the front. Attack his Legs or tail.
Jumping Rock Throw Copper Blangonga Hurls Rock from the air. Occurs after it resurfaces from its dig attack. Also uses this move more often when you're far from him. Move away from it.
Sand Breath Copper Blangonga Breathes Sand that can stun you. Move to the Side.
Dig Copper Blangonga digs then resurfaces with its Jumping Rock Throw attack. Don't stand where it's going to resurface or move away.
Rush Copper Blangonga Charges like Blangonga. Move away from the front of him.
Body Slam Copper Blangonga Slams you like Blangonga. Move away from it.
Swipe Copper Blangonga Swipes you with its palms like Blangonga. Roll away from it.
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