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Attack Description Damage How to avoid? Counter-attack
Ice throw The Blangonga will throw a massive chunk of ice into the air, which splits into 4 directions when it hits the ground. Medium-High. Causes Snowman status Run away as far as possible, or go behind it once it is apparent that it is going to use this attack. Hit it when it lands.
Barrel Roll The Blangonga tilts its body and throws itself towards the hunter. If standing directly behind the arm that it winds up, small damage is also dealt. Medium-High Keep running to the sides and roll if necessary. It will stop for a short time, once it is standing back up, that will be the chance to attack.
Ice breath It leans back and unleashes a snowy breath. High. Causes Snowman status. Run to the sides and roll, avoid being in front of it. Attack it from the sides.
Back kick It jumps and leaps back in a kicking manner. (Rage Mode). Usually does this after the Leaping Charge while in Rage Mode. Medium-High Block or roll to the sides if possible. Try to predict where it lands, then strike.
Claw Swipe Swipes forward with one claw Low Don't be in range of the claw, or in front of it. If in front of it, roll to its side or block. Attack it from the sides or behind.
Leaping Charge Blangonga will rush towards the hunter on all fours, then end with a leaping bite. Medium Keep running to either left or right and roll/dive if about to get hit. There is a small halt after the Leap.
Dig It will dig underground, then burst out at the spot the hunter was standing at the moment. In Rage, it will sometimes be accompanied by a few Blangos when popping out. High Just keep running to the left or right. None.
Side Jump Blangonga jumps sideways Low It barely does any damage, but stay away from its sides if necessary. Gunners can give it a shot, risking to be hit by its next attack
Summoning Roar Blangonga will roar and 2-3 Blangos will pop out of the snow. None No avoidance needed. Aim attacks on the Blangonga instead of the minions.
Normal Roar Blangonga will just roar. None, but makes the hunter cover ears for a short time. Both normal Ear-plugs and High Grade Ear-plugs work, as will blocking or diving. Those with earplugs or in range can take the chance.
Pound Blangonga raises its arms and smashes the ground. The windup period is much longer while in Rage, but the damage is also greater. Very high and quakes. Run away before it slams the ground, time a roll, or just get out of its way if using armour with quake resistance. With quake resistance or good timing with a dodge, just get to its side or back for melee.
Groom Blangonga cleans its fur and removes any Paintballs that were previously tracking it. None. Throw paintball again to Blangonga This is a good opportunity for attack.

Extra Warning[]

  • It is better to avoid being straight behind Blangonga while its in Rage mode at all cost. As long as you're behind him in a diagonal line you're much less in danger of his backward jump.
  • Due to its speed, slow weapons like Lance and Great Sword are generally not recommended for beginners.
  • During its "Ground pound" it will rear up on its hind legs and slam itself down. Unless you are using quake resistance you will shake about. A well timed roll can, much like with a Tigrex' roar, avoid this and leave you damage free. Unless you are confident with this tactic do not perform it, as it will make you dizzy and thus open to an attack.