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|Titres Français = Le Wyvern Nageur d'Argent
|Titres Français = Le Wyvern Nageur d'Argent
|Titre Japonais = 白銀魚竜
|Titre Japonais = 白銀魚竜
|Type de Monstre = [[Encyclopédie des Monstres : Wyvernes nageuses|Wyverne nageuse]]
|Type de Monstre = [[Encyclopédie des Monstres : Wyvernes nageuses|wyverne aquatique]]
|Elément = {{Elément|Glace}}
|Elément = {{Elément|Glace}}
|Statut = {{Statut|Paralysie}}
|Statut = {{Statut|Paralysie}}

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L'Aruganosu est un Wyvern Nageur introduit dans Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.5.

Aruganosu Render


Along with Goruganosu, they have once been referred to as the Supremacy Species of Lavasioth.


It lives in the Tower, where it can burrow through the solid stone of the ground. It is never seen in any other area, or indeed without Goruganosu, its golden partner. The two can combine their attacks with devastating effect.

Apparitions en jeu

Description en jeu

Description du jeu Monster Hunter Frontier G
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  • Aruganosu deals Ice-based damage, whilst Goruganosu uses Thunder-element attacks. As well as being color-coordinated, they can combine efforts to unleash devastating electrical ice-storm combos.
  • Aruganosu name are based on latin name Argentum for silver, which we took "Ar" ("Aru" in Japan pronounciation) and "-ganosu" for Lavasioth relatives.
  • Aruganosu's tremors require Tremor Res +1 to block.

  • If Aruganosu is paralyzed or put to sleep, Goruganosu will burrow up beneath it and launch it into the air, breaking it free of the status' effect.
  • Aruganosu cannot die until its partner is near death. When its health reaches 1 point, it will fall limp and flop on the ground until Goruganosu is the same then they both can be killed in a single attack.
  • Aruganosu can be revived and healed by Goruganosu when limp and near death.

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