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Attack Description How Often? Evade Strategy Damage
Charge Puts its claws in the air then charges at the hunters rapidly. Often. Just stay out of its line, and careful with its tail, since it's going to wiggle, probably hitting you. Normal.
Laser Beam It digs its claws in the ground, shakes rapidly, then shoots a blue laser beam out of its tail. Below Often. Stay either at its sides or behind it. Hunting Horn users should always be aware of this attack. High. Will also crystallize the user.
Tail Slam It spreads its claws then slams its tail down on the ground, may cause paralysis. Rare. Stick to its sides. Above Normal.
Crystal Ball It jumps up and down then leaps in the air and shoots a blue ball. Very Rare. Roll to its sides. Careful so it doesn't lands on you. Above Normal.
360 Tail Spin It puts its tail in its right then spins. Often.You must pay attention for its stance before using this attack, and then roll/run away. DS users must pay even more attention, so they don't get caught while using the Devilish Dance.High.
Claw Swipe It swipes its claw quickly, very muck like the Shogun Ceanataur. Below Often. Same as the Shogun Ceanataur. Above Normal.
Scream It digs its claws in the ground and screams. Very Rare. It will roar after being knocked down, so be prepared. No damage.
Spin Dash Rubs its claws on the ground 3 times and spins crazy everywhere, much like the Nargacuga. Rare. The secret is to evade behind it, since it tends to spin forward. If you can't, defend. If you can't defend either, roll in its direction. Chances are, you will manage to roll into an area it won't cover. Above normal.
Back Charge Charges with back first, much like the Daimyo Hermitaur. Below Often. Pay attention so you don't end up behind it when it moves. Focusing on its legs is a great strategy to avoid this attack. Normal.
Drunk Swipe It stands up then randomly swipes in a drunken manner then falls down,(Note that it will only do this attack once the tail is removed). Often. Same as the Spin Dash. However, the chances of rolling away if you are unprepared are smaller. Very high,May cause instant death.
Big Hop It digs its claws and tail on the ground and jumps up and down then takes a big leap in the air and lands trying to hit a hunter, beware, it is homing. Rare. Pay attention on its shadow, mainly. Don't stop running, and if you can't dodge, dive on the ground. High.
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