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L'Akura Jebia est un carapacéon semblable à un scorpion qui vit dans les grottes des zones marécageuses.

MHO-Akura Jebia Render 001

Physiologie Modifier

Where as Akura Vashimu is purple, Jebia is mostly white and blue. Covered in spikes and horns, it is much more efficient at dishing damage than Vashimu. It is thus far exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. Much like its cousin it will eat its severed tail to regain stamina.

Capacités Modifier

Akura Jebia has a more advanced move set than Akura Vashimu. It has been seen to do a one hand spin kick like tail spin were it jumps forward, stabs its right claw into the ground then spin attempting to hit hunters with its whole body. It also has a better walking system were it will simply crab walk to the sides to move around sometimes. It should also be noted that wherever Akura Vashimu would pause in a pose before an attack Akura Jebia will just instantly do the attack within one second instead of stall in the hope that hunters will not escape its reach.

Autres formes non sous-espèceModifier

Akura Jebia évènement Monster Hunter Frontier Modifier


Whilst Akura Jebia is normally exclusively found in the Marais, Capcom released a one-day Event Quest on April 1, 2011 where it could be found in the Désert. This Akura Jebia had a vastly enlarged tail crystal, but no other major differences.

Akura Jebia Hard Core (HC) Modifier

FrontierGen-HC Akura Jebia Render 001


Apparitions dans les opus Modifier

Apparitions chronologiques
1ère apparition US / EU : 1ère apparition JP : Dernière apparition :
- Logo-MHF-S3 (2008) Logo-MHF-Z (2016)
Opus principaux
  • Aucune apparition
Série Frontier

Description Modifier

Description du jeu Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Akura Jebia Icon 02 (?)
Description du jeu Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Akura Jebia Icon 被定义为尾晶蝎亚种的灰晶蝎,其全身被灰黑色的硬甲所覆盖,从外观上来说与尾晶蝎十分相似。但是其头部有一根突出的“硬角”,而且其体表的结晶也显得更加苍白。相较原本就极少目击的尾晶蝎,灰晶蝎的目击报告更是少之又少。这不仅是因为灰晶蝎数量十分稀少,还因为这是一种极度危险的生物。根据生还者的回忆,当时所有人都被一块苍白明亮的晶体所吸引,当人们走到触手可及的距离时,伴随而来的是一阵猛烈的爆炸,一瞬间所有人便失去了知觉。狡诈的捕食者们,总是会利用各种方式来诱捕猎物,而灰晶蝎也深谙此道。
Niveau de menace (危険度): ★★★★★★

Remarques Modifier

  • When Akura Jebias tail is cut instead of behaving like Akura Vashimu in the same situation, Akura Jebia will grow crystals from the tail stub covered in blood, It is able to launch these spikes as blood covered exploding projectiles in a wave.

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